The Chesapeake Marine Canvas Fabricators Association, Inc. is an organization of Fabricators who design and manufacture fabric products for the marine industry as well as the Suppliers who support them. Once a year, the Association runs the largest Marine Fabricators convention in the Mid-Atlantic region.

At this annual event, we conduct seminars, workshops, and lectures concerning our trade, as well as pointers on how to run a small business.


Past Presidents and Conventions

1982AE Miller
1983AE Miller
1984Michael Marlin
1985Bob Cannington
1986Rick Hansen
19871st ConventionSt Michaels, MDTy Hancock
19882nd ConventionAnnapolis, MDJohn Choat
19893rd ConventionAnnapolis, MDBill Bogar
19904th ConventionAnnapolis, MDWalter Chapman
19915th ConventionWilmington, DEJoyce Wright
19926th ConventionWilliamsburg, VAJoyce Wright
19937th ConventionAtlantic City, NJGeorge Hospodar
19948th ConventionOcean City, MDGeorge Hospodar
19959th ConventionOcean City, MDGeorge Hospodar
199610th ConventionOcean City, MDGeorge Hospodar
199711th ConventionOcean City, MDSandy Taylor
199812th ConventionCape May, NJSandy Taylor
199913th ConventionWilmington, DESandy Taylor
200014th ConventionColumbia, MDSandy Taylor
200115th ConventionOcean City, MDMarty Jordan
200216th ConventionOcean City, MDMarty Jordan
200317th ConventionMount Laurel, NJTy Hancock
200418th ConventionAtlantic City, NJTy Hancock
200519th ConventionAnnapolis, MDTy Hancock
200620th ConventionMount Laurel, NJTy Hancock
200721st ConventionAnnapolis, MDSandy Taylor
200822nd ConventionDover, DESandy Taylor
200923rd ConventionAnnapolis, MDSandy Taylor
201024th ConventionOcean City, MDSandy Taylor
201125th ConventionOcean City, MDSandy Taylor
201226th ConventionMount Laurel, NJSandy Taylor
201327th ConventionHanover, MDBrett Szalkowski
201428th ConventionDover, DEBrett Szalkowski
201529th ConventionDover, DEBrett Szalkowski
201630th ConventionDover, DEBrett Szalkowski
201731st ConventionEaston, MDSteve Hancock
201832nd ConventionPhiladelphia, PASteve Hancock
201933rd ConventionOcean City, MDSteve Hancock
202034th ConventionPhiladelphia, PASteve Hancock
202235th ConventionRichmond, VASteve Hancock
202336th ConventionCambridge, MDZachary Baccala